Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Today I was back in Woldingham to visit the young people attending Faith Summer Break, a youth week run by the Faith Movement. This year over sixty teenagers have come together from different parts of the country, many of them with priests from their home parishes. I spoke to quite a few for whom this was the second or third Faith Summer Break and who were clearly enthusiastic about coming back next year.
Tuesday afternoon is the sports slot and I got there in time for the football, giant rounders, and 'tug of war' competitions. After sports there was an extended time for compulsory showers (the swimming pool's lifeguard hadn't turned up so that means of avoiding a noxious atmosphere in enclosed spaces was unavailable!). Then there were tea and scones followed by a talk on the Eucharist by Fr Hugh McKenzie. He took great pains to ensure everyone understood the difference between disagreeing with someone of a different religion (or none) and disliking them.
The upper age limit for the Summer Break is fifteen, but older people can come back as helpers. In the photo we see three veterans who will definitely be checking this blog to see what I am going to write about them... No lads, I'm not going to say that you should enter seminary. I'm just going to ask the other readers of this blog that they pray that you discern your vocation - whatever it may be :o)

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