Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ready for the Off!

Next week my curate returns and soon after that I will be going for my own summer holiday so last night some of us got together for a last chance to meet up before heading off to distant parts. To mark the vigil of the Feast of the Assumption one of my parishioners prepared an excellent supper.
Tom, William and Kurt were the first ones to arrive. Kurt has a Spanish grandmother. Tom and William will be starting at the English College in Valladolid this year. So the evening began with people speaking macaronic Spanish. It reminded me of a sign I once saw outside a trattoria in Rome: "We speak the very good broken English"!

Later Vagner, David and Chris joined us. Vagner is going into his second year at Wonersh. Vagner is from Brazil although he has lived some years in England. London has an enormous Brazilian population many of whom are very committed Catholics. In Vagner's home city of Fortaleze 200,000 gather for a special retreat during carnival week. If the Brazilian community in London is to be integrated into the life of the Church we will need priests who help us develop an insight into the needs and problems experienced by that community.

Always a journalist, Chris was on the look out for a story. We suggested that he should do something on the Southwark Vocations Blog. It may not win him any prizes - but it would be less complicated than his last assignment: fathoming the complexities of the English Benedictine Congregation!
David was our guide on a recent trip to Oxford - see a previous post - and this week heads off to visit family in Cyprus. Hopefully he won't have too many problems at the airports.
It was good to meet up. The next time we will all have a chance to come together may not be until Christmas.


David Howell said...

AGH! (gasp!) Fr. Stephen....I've never been so offended in my entire life. I would never take anyone on a tour of that Fenland Polytechnic. Maybe it was an innocent mistake; maybe it was Will's crafty influence. In either case, I have but one word for you, sir, and that is: OUTRAGEOUS.

Fr Stephen said...

I can't believe I made that mistake. I smell a rat! It's corrected now - but I recognise that you have to redeem your honour. A duel? Might I suggest Christ Church Meadow; dawn; soda syphons & umbrellas?

William said...

Just goes to show which university your subconscious really wishes you had gone to...

Fr Stephen said...

Yeah, I know. I really missed out on being able to stare a pretty buildings and avoid work all day.