Monday, July 31, 2006

Meeting People

In recent posts I've mentioned the efforts we put in to encouraging people to pray for more priestly vocations in the Archdiocese of Southwark, and also the strong desire to produce publicity material of a high standard with good visual images.
Another aspect of our work is to try to meet as many young men as possible in order to put the call to them directly. I am lucky to be in a parish that is large enough to host a variety of events for young adults. In addition to our weekly Forum Christi group, we have been able to host meetings of the World Youth Alliance and events such as the World Youth Day reunion to take place this Saturday. For a number of years now the parish has hosted the Youth 2000 New Year Retreat which includes excellent and challenging talks as well as perpetual Adoration. About 350 young people attend this retreat. Fortunately we can rely on a good number of priests to help with confessions.
I make use of these occasions to talk to as many young men as possible about the call God has for them. At first I was reticent because I thought there was a danger of causing offence, but I soon realised that most of the young men I spoke to had indeed considered priesthood but never before had a chance to talk with a priest about it. Now I am not so shy!
You can help me in this work. Everything we do must be built on prayer. You can ask God to prepare the hearts of the young men I meet so that they will be receptive to God's call. It's certainly worth a daily Memorare!

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Fulgencio Espa said...

the best group of people to promove vocations: the family. That's the first seminary. Try to find there, father Stephen...