Thursday, August 03, 2006

Maryvale's Pre-Seminary Course

It is no great secret that young people's knowledge of the faith isn't what it once was. Whether this is due to modern teching methods, school text books, or schoolboy sloth can be left to another blog. For me the concern is that sometimes seminary staff comment that the first few years of formation can be quite problematic because some students' knowledge of the faith can be quite deficient.
The Maryvale Institute in Birmingham has developed a course that might go some way towards resolving this problem. Their Pre-Seminary Course enables a student to work his way through the entire Catechism in six modules. Maryvale specialises in home-study or distance-learning courses and this is no exception. Each module has a workbook. Armed with this and the Catechism of the Catholic Church the student has simply to set aside twenty minutes to half an hour each weekday. (It could be done while everyone else in the house is watching some ghastly 'soap'). In this way the whole Catechism is covered in reasonable depth in the course of the year.
I certainly recommend it to any would-be seminarians. If you want more information just send me an email at Southwark Vocations.

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