Thursday, August 24, 2006

Little break. Big break.

Today I am leaving for Walsingham to attend the annual Youth 2000 conference. This is a wonderful gathering of young adults from all over the country who meet for four days of prayer and catechesis at England's national shrine. There are no great facilities at Walsingham. The main events take place in a large marquee, with several smaller ones for other talks and workshops. Participants sleep in tents. Last year that was fine: the weather was good. But given the amount of rain we've had over the last few days, I guess it it's going to be a bit muddy!
I'll take my camera with me and hope to post a few pics when I get back. In the meantime please keep the event in your prayers. I am sure there will be plenty of potential priestly vocations there.
I come back on Monday and will then head out on Tuesday (if I can get a flight) for my summer holiday. So don't be surprised if this site goes into hibernation for a while.

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