Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Faith Summer Session

I went to the Faith Summer Session today. As usual it was very impressive with over 200 young people from all over Britian including a large contingent from Scotland. It was good to catch up with some old priest friends whom I hadn't seen for some time. I also had a chance to chat with some young men who have already started taking part in our diocesan vocations events. As usual I was on the look out for 'likely lads' and was able to ask quite a few young men whether they had considered priesthood. Some have and if they pursue their vocation I am sure that not just Southwark but also quite a few northern dioceses will have some excellent priests in the future.
The Faith Summer Session lasts a week and has a good variety of speakers on issues to do with faith and reason. I was able to sit in on a talk by Fr Stephen Boyle on 'Christ, the Key to the Universe' - a good, Christocentric, vision of creation. In addition to the talks there is the opportunity for daily prayer including an optional Holy Hour after lunch. Although I couldn't stay, there was a Reconciliation Service this evening.
It is important for young people to come together in this way to support each other in the faith by their example, and also to have their questions answered by a straightforward intelligent presentation of the faith. Events such as these will be good seed beds for future vocations.

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Anonymous said...

The Faith Summer Session was indeed a fantastic week for nearly 250 people from across the UK, Spain, France, Italy. We put on a discussion group during one of the afternoons so that many young men could come together and ask questions about the priesthood and religious life. We watched the US Bishops lastest vocations promotion film entitled "Fisher's of Men." This we recieved well and led to a good discussion on the responsibility of all the baptised to promote vocations. Fr Roger Nesbitt spoke passionately during the final mass on Friday afternoon about the great importance of all the young people present to consider a vocation and to respond with generosity.