Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cor ad Cor Loquitur

Thursday - in theory - is my day off. I'm not very good at taking it, but today after Holy Mass we headed off to Oxford. Of course, given the security alert at Heathrow, the traffic was awful and we arrived really late. We met up with David who has come to a number of Southwark Vocations events. Oxford abolished its private police force a few years ago (umph!) and the Bulldogs have now been repolaced with Custodians. David is making some summer dosh as a Custodian at Christ Church, his college.
Thanks to David we get an excellent tour of the Catholic Chaplaincy and then the House before heading off on a Newman pilgrimage: Oriel College and the University Church. Fr Ignatius who is with us is doing the tesina for his licence on sin in the writings of Cardinal Newman.
Newman's motto was Cor ad Cor Loquitur - heart speaks to heart. It reminds me of a former Oxford Chaplain and good friend who, on seeing two somewhat lacklustre students together, commented: bore ad bore loquitur!
I am an ex-alumnus of Oxford. In my time about half a dozen of us became priests. It's a tradition which, thanks be to God, still continues. Let's pray for the work of the university's excellent chaplain, Fr Jeremy.

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