Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Vocations Blogs are catching on

When I was in Spain for the World Meeting of Families I met some Spanish seminarians and priest friends and enthused about our latest venture: the Southwark Vocations Blog. Recently I've heard from two of them who tell me that they've taken up the idea and now have their own blogs. One is a priest from Madrid, Fr Fulgencio who organises lots of activities with young people and is already drawing out many vocations. In the photo he is on a summer convivencia with some of his parishioners. His blog is in the name of his parish: Edith Stein.
The other is a seminarian from Cadiz. The Cadiz Blog is more specifically about vocations and the activities of the seminary, although it does also carry comment like a recent post on the Da Vinci Code (of course you'll have to speak Spanish to be able to read it!).


Fulgencio Espa said...

We have enjoyed a lot our meeting with children in the Pirinees. Most of them have thought the idea to be priest, but they are now too youngs. We've also activities with youngs, like St. James Way. There are two who are very convinced to be priest, with 15 years old. They are very happy boys.
I hope that my parish could be like the people of Israel: all the mothers dream with the idea to have one son who become priest. It's one of the most beautifull things that can happen to one mother. I wish it to all that read these lines.

Tomás said...

I'm sriend of Fulgencio, and, I want go with him to England nad visit the parish of fr Stephen.

One of the boys said...

Thanks, Fulgencio

MedicodelaPaz said...

This is one of the monitor, a young doctor who is impressed by the labour of Fr Fulgencio. It was great our trip to Pirinees.

Thanks to Don Fulgen for letting us to colaborate with him in his job.

Equipo de Vocacion Cádiz said...

Muchas gracias por promocionar mi block, Fr. Sthepen! Simplemente, decirle que a partir del día 20 de agosto estaremos tres seminaristas, que trabajamos en la elaboración del block, en Cádiz. Estamos muy entusiasmados en poder verle!
Jesús Sánchez Camacho.

Equipo de Vocacion Cádiz said...

Thank very much for speaking about our block, Fr. Stephen!. Javier Rivas Andrés Muñoz and me are going to go to London at 20 th of August.We and two seminarians more are working in our blog. We´re going to have a pastoral experience in St. Patricks Church -Soho-. So, we´re looking foward to seeing you and going back to your parish.

Jesús Sánchez Camacho