Friday, July 14, 2006

A Very Good Week

Although the Southwark Vocations Blog was often spoken about this week, there wasn't any opportunity to update it. Woldingham has an added advantage for technophobes: in addition to being beautiful countryside it is also a mobile free zone. So even if you have web access on your mobile it's not much use in Woldingham.
Over the next couple of days I'll try to fill in how things went. It was a great week, but for today you'll have to make do with the photo of the whole group with the archbishop.


William Walter said...

Hi Fr Stephen,

Thanks for a great week at Woldingham. It was really good to see everyone and to spend time together, with the Archbishop.

Am very impressed by your blogging. So impressed in fact, I've drawn inspiration and created my own! You can view it at :-).

See you soon.


Fr John Boyle said...

Your correspondents might like to see news of Richard Hearn's ordination on my blog at Feel free to copy the photos and upload them to the Southwark Vocations blog. Fr Finigan has also drawn my attention to the "Fishers of Men" video clip available for download and I've put it on my parish website

God bless all your good work.

William Walter said...

The Blog is now Have a look!