Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Papal Nuncio

This evening I attended a reception in honour of Pope Benedict XVI hosted by the Papal Nuncio at Archbishop's House Westminster. We were in the throne room which really is very splendid and at its best on occasions like this. I met various ambassadors and their wives and was able to catch up with a good number of priests whom I haven't seen for years. The Cardinal was there, of course, and gave a short speech - promising us all that we would be able to get away in time for the football! Archbishop Faustino Saenz Munoz also spoke. He was very warm and affectionate commending the guests and wishing God's blessing on their families - "I may be a Nuncio, but I am also a man" he said.
For me the highlight of the evening was meeting Fr Jeremy Fairhead, the university chaplain in Oxford. He mentioned the name of a young Southwark man who is thinking of the priesthood and who Fr Jeremy is encouraging to contact me. Let's keep him in our prayers.

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