Friday, June 23, 2006

Discovering Priesthood

From time to time the question is raised about the best age to begin promoting priestly vocations. Some people hold that if you start too soon you risk having an excessive influence on an impressionable mind.
In Southwark we take the view that modern youth culture is already likely to be a powerful influence and that it is good to offer young people an alternative. To this end we organise days for 14-17 year olds which we call Discovering Priesthood. These days offer young people a chance to meet other committed Catholics, to learn more about the life of a priest and to ask questions. In the photo we see the participants at our last Discovering Priesthood day, hosted by Fr John Boyle in Ashford. We were very pleased to have Bishop John Hine with us. Bishop John celebrated the Mass, joined us for lunch, took part in a discussion group and even submitted himself to interrogation during the Priest on the Hot Seat slot!

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Fr John Boyle said...

This blog is a good initiative and will hopefully assist in the promotion of vocations awareness. It's certainly very encouraging to see what is being done and provides a further incentive to keep this work in my prayers and Masses. As we hosted this day in Ashford, if anyone wants to check my parish website, they can go to I also have a blog - you can link to it from the parish website.